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When I spoke to Wonder Woman, she had no clothes on …

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Lynda Carter, in her “Wonder Woman” prime, stepped naked and wet from the shower as I said “hello” to begin our interview about life after three seasons as TV’s top female superhero.

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How a love of sports made Garry Marshall a comedy legend

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Garry Marshall, who died Tuesday aged 81, said one of the reasons he became one of the most prolific and successful producers of TV sitcoms was because he was a sports nut.

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Cheryl Ladd on ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Farrah Fawcett and bikinis

LONDON – Cheryl Ladd, who turns 65 today, was always the most fun and down-to-earth of TV’s “Charlie’s Angels”, friendly and a bit flirty, and she wasn’t catty about Farrah Fawcett when she had every right to be.

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Why Bill Murray had all the good lines in ‘Ghostbusters’

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Bill Murray not only got all the big laughs in the original “Ghostbusters”, he also got the girl and he told reporters at the New York junket for the film in 1984 that it was … Continue reading

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Why Donovan said he would get me a knighthood

By Ray Bennett LONDON – When Donovan, who turns 70 today, announced in Cannes that the internet is the new Sixties, my story about it made headlines around the world. When I ran into the folk-rocker later at a BMI gathering … Continue reading

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Going back to ‘Back To The Future’ with Michael J. Fox

By Ray Bennett LONDON – As “Back to the Future” marks its 30th anniversary, here’s a version of a story I wrote in 1985 for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. In 1984, Canadian actor Michael J. Fox (pictured with Christopher … Continue reading

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What Jackie Collins discovered about men in Hollywood

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Jackie Collins, who died on Sept. 19 of breast cancer aged 77, was a far more thoughtful person than her raunchy writing might suggest and not at all the diva that older sister Joan Collins … Continue reading

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When Topol stood me up to go off to war

By Ray Bennett LONDON – “Fiddler on the Roof’ star Chaim Topol cancelled my interview with him in June 1967 but he had a very good reason. He left his starring role of Tevye in the West End hit production … Continue reading

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When Sean Connery offered me a Scotch …

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Sean Connery nudged my arm as a waiter hovered with a tray of champagne, and said, “They have Scotch, you know.” We were on the terrace on Elton John’s house on the cornish that overlooks Nice … Continue reading

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Why Omar Sharif liked playing bridge more than making movies

By Ray Bennett LONDON – Omar Sharif, who has died of a heart attack in Cairo aged 83, was an international movie star who was always rather embarrassed about the way he earned a living. He said, “The things going … Continue reading

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