FILM REVIEW: Michelle Rodriguez in ‘The Breed’

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By Ray Bennett

Michelle Rodriguez (pictured), whose treacherous ex-police officer was one of the more memorable feature roles on TV’s “Lost,” first attracted attention in “Fast and the Furious” in 2001.

She’s in Stuart Townsend’s political drama “Battle in Seattle” starring Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson due in December. Meanwhile, there’s a potboiler thriller, “The Breed,” released in U.K. theatres Friday and on DVD in the United States on May 22.

She’s pretty good in what is a throwaway thriller. Here’s how my Hollywood Reporter review begins:

LONDON — There are lots of dogs in “The Breed.” They snarl, jump, bark, bite and rip people to pieces. But they sure can’t run.

When five very mature American college students arrive on a deserted island for a party weekend only to land in canine hell, they’re outnumbered and outsmarted by rabid four-legged beasts but any time they have to run for cover, by golly they make it.

“The Breed” is a bog standard date thriller with run-of-the-mill thrills created by jump cuts usually involving the sudden appearance of a highly excited hound seeking human flesh to chow down on.

The result is predictable but efficient with mundane dialog required to fill in the blanks and whenever possible make mention of other famous dogs including Lassie, Old Yeller and Cujo.


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