Time for national treasure Kate Moss to help the workers

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By Ray Bennett

When Kate Moss was pilloried by the tabloids and began to lose contracts because of alleged drug use, CNN asked me on to talk about what she should do about it.

There was a guy from People Magazine on, too, and CNN clearly wanted me to agree with him that the supermodel should rush to confess her sins on TV or in one of the celebrity magazines or red tops. My advice was the opposite.

I said she should disappear, say nothing and keep working; things would come around. She did just that, and today she is back on top as she opens a new clothing line at Topshop. I say good luck to her.

Kate Moss doesn’t make awful pop records, shabby television shows or lousy movies. She doesn’t rabbit on to radio or TV interviewers. She  just does her job, which is to look dazzlingly beautiful in advertisements, and she does it exceedingly well.

To spot her versatile and eye-catching features on posters and in commercials when traveling abroad is a sweet reminder of home. She is a national treasure.

Which is all the more reason she should follow the advice of Mary Riddell in the Observer Sunday and help improve the lives of the people who work so hard to make the clothes she hawks.

To add 10p to the cost of each item of clothing could double a ragtrade worker’s income, Riddell cries: “Come on Kate, lead the way.”

International Workers’ Day tomorrow, would be a fine time to do it. Come on, Kate!

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